Need someone outside the politics to help think it through?

You know your business better than anyone. You and your team have been trying to resolve your challenges with formidable talent and commitment, yet the solutions elude you due to obstacles, misalignment, or uncertainty about how to proceed. 

I can help you make sense of all the moving pieces. 

As someone outside of your organization, I am not beholden to any one perspective nor am I anchored by politics or biases.  Instead, my bespoke approach allows me to resolve the tensions across the range of existing viewpoints, understand why those views are held, and design solutions that allow you to move forward with confidence and united by genuine buy-in.

The scope of my guidance ranges from discovery, to strategy creation through to effective execution, with considerations for all supporting systems. I offer rigorous processes and objectivity that has been tempered by a range of advisory experiences that run both deep and wide across industries. 

Experience has taught me that only by working collaboratively can we truly understand and overcome the obstacles preventing you and your organization from a more prosperous future.  

Great music is rarely made alone.  I believe the same holds true for solving complex challenges. 

Let me help you move forward.

A good consultant needs to be smart, but a great consultant needs to have boundless curiosity and the tenacity to see tough challenges through to their conclusion. You have all these traits in David.
— George Stalk, Senior Advisor at The Boston Consulting Group, BCG Fellow, and formerly a senior partner and managing director. George began his career with BCG in 1978 and his thinking on corporate strategy has shaped the modern business environment. He is also a Fellow in the Strategic Management Society, joining BCG founder Bruce Henderson as the only professional consultants in the society.
I couldn’t have asked for better results. And he was a joy to collaborate with. You’ll be fortunate to work with him.
— Don Tapscott, one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media, and the economic and social impact of technology. Don advises business and government leaders around the world. In 2017, Thinkers50 ranked Don second among the world’s most influential management thinkers.